In the meantime…

Well, it’s been a few weeks since our gender reveal, and it has finally sunk in that we are having a baby girl!! Although, some days the fact that she’s in there still doesn’t seem real, I am amazed every single day!! We already have our mommy-daughter time in the mornings when I wake up and she gets awake and starts wiggling around! I absolutely love every single moment, and believe me, if we are hanging out together you will be aware of her every move!! I have taken care of babies her size who were born way too early, so it blows my mind that we can feel AND see her kicking already!

I always thought we would have a house full of boys! I was pretty sure she was a boy! Oh how wrong I was, and oh how happy we are! Planning her nursery has been a dream so far!! Somewhat overwhelming at times, but so much fun! I’ve always imagined what this time would be like for us, but could have never fathomed how wonderful it would be! I can’t wait to share the nursery progress! Nicholas has been wonderful and agrees with all of my ideas!! I think he realizes he has no choice, but he’s okay with that! I also think he is just glad he DID NOT have to go to Atlanta to look at her furniture!!

I know a lot of people are wondering about her name!! She does have a name, and we will be sharing it with the world soon!! So stay tuned!!

She looked great and measured perfectly at our 18 week anatomy scan! We do have another ultrasound scheduled on Monday, I will be 23 weeks. This is an ‘extra’ one, where they will do an echo of her heart. We have no reason to be concerned, but there is a higher risk of heart defects in IVF babies. Remember that post about all of the increased risks with IVF, well that is one of them. Please continue to pray with us that there are no surprises, and that she is still growing perfectly!

My anxiety level has actually gotten better! My fear of losing her dwindled a little after the first trimester, and seems to get better every day! Being a nicu nurse, I know too much and have always feared some of the worst things. I am incredibly grateful for my faith and the fact that it is way bigger than my fears! I have felt my Father’s arms around me way more times than I could count!

Our gender reveal party was a lot of fun!! We shared it with family and friends who have loved and supported us so selflessly through our infertility journey. A few of them couldn’t make it, but were there in spirit! We did a buck or doe theme which was fun for both of us! I need to create a fb album to share all of the pictures! My sis and best friend Ash took lots of pictures for us! I didn’t have to worry about anything once the party began! I was pretty emotional that day because it’s hard to believe it was a gender reveal party for us! It’s hard to believe that baby showers are being planned for us! It is just all hard to believe! Here’s a few highlights from the party! If you missed the video of the reveal, check out the last blog post!

She may not be a proud big sister, but I really think she may do okay once her baby sis gets here!

My sweet Annie Clare made the post that hid the pink chalk! It was a “keep her busy” project the night before!

My first most favorite girl in the world! I never thought I could love another baby girl as much as I love her!

Just missing Bailey Ann!!

So thankful for my sissy and all she does for me! She got me through a rough year!

These two love each other and it makes my heart so happy!

Proud nana and papa!

Love my family!

Becoming a family of 4!!

Enter a caption

Getting prepared for the explosion!

Maybe this is how she really feels about ‘B’ having a baby!

I think this shows her true feelings!! She asks about her every day!

Our first sweet baby! Don’t worry, she had free reign over the party!

We may or may not have started a small fire. It was all totally under control. We used a tannerite bomb surrounded by bags of chalk. My husband has had plenty of experience with them and yes, they are totally legal. He made a bomb he could shoot with his .22 rifle that I gave him a few years ago, so that was special. He also wanted to use the .22 so the gunshot itself wouldn’t be so loud. What he didn’t tell me beforehand, is that he tripled the recipe, so that’s why some of the chalk caught on fire! MEN (rolling my eyes)!! Thanks again to everyone who have and continue to help make this time so special for us!!

We have a shower coming up in California on April 23rd! I can’t wait to see everyone out there and enjoy doing some fun things before our sweet girl arrives! I miss my Cali family so much! April is a busy month for us! Traveling to Louisiana this week, then Cali for a week, and the beach for a few days! Trying to get it all in before things get even crazier! I’ve had several people ask about our registries. We are registered at Target, BabiesRUs, and Amazon. I will also be registering at Mommy and Me the beginning of May.

I want to leave some encouragement for you! You all know who I am and what my beliefs are. I also pride myself on being honest and transparent with all of you! We had our feet swept out from under us last year financially and at times emotionally. It was hard. I tried so hard every single day to keep my faith. There were days when I failed, when anxiety won. This is part of a devotional from a few weeks ago…

“But we don’t have to live plagued by anxiety of the unknown. We don’t have to go to sleep wondering what the next day will bring or wake up working our way through all the “what-ifs” we can think of. We don’t have to seek some means to figure out what we will never be able to figure out. No, we can have rest when we are confused. We can experience peace in the face of the unknown. We can feel an inner well-being while living in the middle of mystery. WHY? Because our peace of heart does not rest on how much we know, how much we have figured out, or how accurately we have been able to predict the future. No, our rest is in the person who holds our individual futures in his wise and gracious hands. We have peace because we know that he will complete the good thing that he in grace has initiated in our lives. HE IS FAITHFUL, so he never leaves the work of his hands. HE IS GRACIOUS, so he gives us what we need, not what we deserve. HE IS WISE, so what he does is always best. HE IS SOVEREIGN, so he rules all the situations and locations were we live. HE IS POWERFUL, so he can do what he pleases, when he pleases.” (New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp)

Our Creator began a good work in you, and He WILL complete that work in due time. It’s our human nature to be fearful and anxious, but we don’t have to be! Great is thy faithfulness!

I also want to share a verse I came across in my devotional recently that brought tears to my eyes because we have been there. Habakkuk 3:17-19 “Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.”

Through some of our hardest trials, when I wanted to give up, I tried so hard to be faithful. I know many people out there struggling with many different things, hang in there. DO NOT GIVE UP! Jesus has got you! Remain faithful to Him and He will always remain faithful to you!! There were moments when I felt like we had nothing, but yet He provided for our every need! I have met many people through my blog. If you feel alone, or like nobody cares, please reach out. I am here, and I’m a good listener. I may not have any answers for you, but I know where we can find them!!

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