And her name shall be….

Girl names were wayyyy harder for us!! I had a name in mind for a while that I ‘thought’ I loved but felt it didn’t grow with her! One day we were sitting around, and I happened to mention the name Cora. Nicholas loved it and suggested Cora Grace, and well, that’s when I fell in love my my baby girl’s name!!

I only survived last year because of my faith and God’s amazing GRACE!! His grace is what got me out of bed in the mornings, helped me endure the crazy hormones, and gave us the most incredible gift through IVF. He has literally given me unimaginable Grace in more ways than one! There were many days when I begged God for a baby, and there were also days when I convinced myself it just wasn’t meant to be. I’ve said it a million times, HIS plan is so much better than our own!

So I finally get to share a couple more pictures with you! Cora’s aunt Suzy got her the sweetest Easter surprises!! I absolutely love her little backpack with her monogram! She has a beautiful monogram which makes me very happy! She also got her the sweetest rabbit with her name on it! Two sweet firsts my baby girl! Oh yea, and a pink baby hate with an alligator on it (had to throw a little Louisiana soul in there). 

Of course I had to get her a little something for Easter! I just did a little basket that I can use later for this year! Added a few copper pearl bibs, lamb rattle and teether, the sweet mommy and me book, and a gown! I can’t wait to celebrate Easters with her!! I pray she always remembers the reason we celebrate! 

So far, so good. I’m really starting to feel pregnant here lately! I know, I know, just wait! I passed my glucose check!! I was really praying Cora wouldn’t have to have her sugar checked when she’s born! I feel like we are done with all of the major tests and scans for now! The echo/ultrasound we did at 23 weeks, she looked great! 

I am having a great time planning/designing her nursery! It’s definitely going to be my happy place! I’m trying so hard to enjoy every moment and not get overwhelmed! We have the ball rolling, so I’m feeling pretty good about it right now! We basically gutted her room! Nicholas ripped out the carpet, and hardwoods are going in in a couple of weeks! Painters are just waiting to be contacted! Furniture is ordered. Still lots on my to-do list though!  

We have decided to just stay in our house for now. God’s plan is better than our own right? Of course, since we are staying, there are more things I want to do in the house! Like paint our bedroom and bathroom. Lots of work to be done in the yard. I’ve already rearranged the living room and have more plans for that! 

I’m trying to get all my traveling done in April! Spent a wonderful week at my sisters, headed to Cali this week for a week, then to the beach with our Parden family. I’m tired just thinking about it, but even more excited! Looking forward to celebrating our sweet miracle with family and friends throughout the next couple of months! 

I’ll leave you with the bump…

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