6 Months and Great News!! 

It has absolutely been the best 6 months of our lives!! She is why!!

People say, “you don’t remember what life was like before her do you.” Well actually, yes we do. We had almost 9 years of “just” us. Nine years to have fun, nine years to work hard, nine years to save, nine years to get to know each other, nine years to grow and nine years to become the best team we could possibly be up until now! 

Did I want a baby before then? Absolutely! Did I ever question God? Absolutely! Did I trust and believe that He would fulfill His promise to me? Absolutely! “Blessed is she who believed the Lord would fulfill His promise to her.” Luke 1:45

Now, while we do remember how simple and easy was life was before Cora, we longed to have a sweet baby in our lives! She has changed us, renewed us, exhausted us, thrilled us, and made the happiest we’ve ever been! For now, she completes us. God’s timing is always perfect whether we understand it or not! Our lives will never be the same, and we are eternally grateful! 

Where in the world has 6 months gone? She is growing and changing so fast! It is so fun watching her learn new things! Life couldn’t be more exciting! She is currently trying soooo hard to crawl, and she’s almost sitting up well by herself! We started baby led weaning and she is enjoying trying new foods everyday! So far, she loves shrimp and grits, black beans, cheese, avocado, and we are working on lots of other things! She actually had her first smoothie today! 

We also put her in her crib on her 6 month birthday! She did great, mommy not so much. Actually, I cried really hard. She grew out of her bassinet a long time ago, but I kept holding on! Finally decided she was way to uncomfortable and well, she might fall out! She was ready! I miss her being beside every night, but then I remember she is in the next room sleeping peacefully. I realize there’s mommy’s out there who have lost their precious babies and will never have them beside them again, and it puts everything into perspective! 

Sooooo, BIG NEWS!! She had her follow-up eeg back in January and it was all CLEAR!! God is so good folks. We knew she was perfect, we knew she was healed, but to hear those words was such a relief! I have prayed even more as a mom. I have prayed every single day for her healing and continue to pray for her protection. My heart is so incredibly thankful it might explode. God has been so good to us, even in the trenches! 

We don’t follow up with neuro till July. She will grow out of her phenobarb dose! She does take it much better now. She actually holds it herself! We’ve come a long way! 

I told Nicholas that being a mom is by far the hardest, most exhausting, yet rewarding job in the world! Cora is the most perfect baby (it makes people crazy), but even with her being so good, it’s still exhausting! She seems to be a good mix of mama and dada so far! She’s funny like her daddy and sweet like her mama! To say we adore her is an understatement! She is such a joy and the light of our lives! 

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