About Me

I am NOT a writer, and I do not credit myself on being good with words! I speak from my heart! I started this blog to share our story of infertility! I pray that God’s love and grace are portrayed through my words. It’s not all pretty, but God heals and He forgives! His mercies are new to us everyday! Here’s a little bit about me…

  • I am a daughter of The King.
  • I’m 31 years old.
  • I’m married to an incredibly patient and humble man.
  • I used to feel like I couldn’t do enough for others, until I realized it was killing me. I finally stopped and made myself a priority. It changed my life.
  • I am honest to a fault.
  • I’m a good listener.
  • I love with my whole heart.
  • I desperately want to be a mommy one day. God’s timing is perfect!